At NMU Worldwide we have developed efficient systems and processes to ensure the fast, timely and safe delivery you need. From Dedicated transports to Urgent freight, we offer unmatched versatility. We offer services tailored to your schedule, with carriers arriving to pick up or deliver shipments at precise times of your choosing.

NMU Worldwide provides expedited trucking solutions daily across the country and even via air freight when your delivery is critical!

One of the hallmarks of your Expedited logistics solutions is customer service. Available 24/7/365, you are never far from up to date information.

This method of shipping freight ensures that goods arrive faster than regular transit times by the date they are promised to be at their end location. Expedited shipments move directly from pickup to delivery and rarely stop along the way. Expedited shipping rates can run higher than standard rates. If you need freight delivered within a strict time frame it will be worth the cost. With expedited freight shipping, you can usually track the shipment at any given time. Ecommerce, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical supplies are all common types of products that require expedited shipping.

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